Botanical Oils

Avocado Oil

Mix 1 packet of Shaman Mike's Zinc Sun Powder with 4 ounces of botanical oil.

Botanical oils contain high levels of vitamins, anti-oxidants, tocopherols, lupeol, phytonutrients, polyphenols, oleic acid, squalene, carotenes, linoleic acid, omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids.  They are beneficial to the skin, hair and nails, helping hair grow healthy and strong, while adding luster and shine.  Oils nourish, hydrate and heal dry skin, which in turn helps to slow the process of skin aging.  Botanical oils are also known to exhibit natural non-broad spectrum SPF properties, and because they are naturally water repellent, they are perfect to mix with Shaman Mike's Zinc Sun Powder for fun in the sun and water.

Recommended Oils: Avocado Oil, Organic Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Olive Oil

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use cooking oils in my kitchen? Yes

Can I blend different oils? Yes, make your own custom blends

What is the shelf life? It varies per oil, generally 6-12 months

How long does it take to mix Shaman Mike's with oil? Less than a minute

What should I mix it in?  A small jar or plastic container with a tight lid

What is the SPF of botanical oils? There are plenty of answers and information available on Google, you'll be surprised what you learn! 

Where can I find the oil to mix with Shaman Mike's? In your kitchen, at your local grocery store, a convenience mart, and of course online. Here are some links to our most recommended and affordable oils on Amazon: 

Avocado Oil   Soybean Oil

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